EKOSS System - A Web-based Semantic Search Engine for Engineering Knowledge
EKOSS - A Web-based Semantic Search Engine for Expert Knowledge
by Steven Kraines, Brian Kemper, Weisen Guo, and Yutaka Nakamura


EKOSS (Engineering/Environmental Knowledge Ontology-based Semantic Search) has been developed for sharing expert knowledge using semantic web technologies. The website provides a collaborative knowledge sharing environment where knowledge experts can submit advertisements of the knowledge resources that they have developed, such as research papers, databases and computer simulation models. It then allows users to make requests for knowledge resources related to some condition or system problem that they are studying. The semantic search system matches user requests to knowledge resource advertisements using logical inference based on any domain ontology that is registered to the system.

NOTE: the semantic descriptions and queries contained in this site are the creation of the students and other members of the EKOSS research staff as indicated by the project creator information in the project description. The semantics may therefore not be completely accurate reflections of the true content of the projects and papers represented.

New users!

To get started, try looking at the user pages in the Members list, clicking on knowledge project names and selecting knowledge descriptions to look at. For example, you can find a knowledge description in the Knowledge Project of Steven Kraines entitled "Distributed Building Energy System". Click the knowledge description name "energy system description" and select "Graph View" from the "Options" list (note that you need to have the Sun Java Runtime Environment version 1.4 or higher installed on your computer to use the graph viewer).

Also, select the Ontology Browser to examine the concepts from the ontologies that are currently available on the EKOSS system. For example, select the lceng ontology, then select "physical_object". The "Show Uses of Class" button will appear - click this button to see the people and projects using instances of this class.

Finally, be sure to check out the EKOSS Tutorials below!

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